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Print Jan/Feb 1999

New Visual Artists Review: 20 Under 30
Northwestern Exposure
Seattle, WA

The four-man studio known as Ames started up two years ago for the simplest of reasons: "We all were friends, "explains partner Barry Ament, 27. "We were part of the Seattle design community and had worked together on many side projects. But it wasn't until we were asked to teach a workshop together that we realized we had the same ideas about the perfect work environment." Ament; George Estrada, 29; Coby Schultz, 28; and newest member Mark Atherton, 24, make up the Seattle-based design firm, which counts Sony, Epic, Neil Young, Urban Outfitters, and K2 among its clients. The group's friendship with the rock band Pearl Jam accounts for much of its work. The studio itself, decorated in a hodgepodge of styles reflecting the diversity of the group's work, occupies on of the few remaining old lofts in downtown Seattle. Edgy posters and flyers designed for Pearl Jam and other local rock bands line the walls of the entryway. Inside, a bamboo tiki bar houses a work station, next to which sits a disco jukebox. Music is always playing. About the relationship between the eclectic interior of the studio and Ames's designs, Atherton says, "Hopefully, it's reflected in our work." Ames credits its city and design influences for its achievements. "We're fortunate to be in Seattle because of what people like Glenn Matsui and Art Chantry have carved out here," says Estrada. "It's hard to think about being someplace else." —RT

A number of graphics with credits are pictured, including:

1. Istanbul 96 poster; 2. Portugal 96 poster (Illustrator: Coby Schultz)
3. Portland 98 poster (Illustrator: George Estrada)
4. Hartford 98 poster (Illustrator: Mark Atherton)
5. Amsterdam 96 poster; 6. Brisbane 98 poster (Illustrator: Barry Ament)
7-10. No Code packaging for Epic {Layout/photography: Barry Ament, Chris McGann, Jerome Turner)
11. Poster promoting the independent film Steaming Milk (Illustrator: Coby Schultz)
12. Cover to Ten Club Newsletter #12, a Pearl Jam fan club publication (Illustrator: Coby Schultz)
13. Three Fish cover for Epic (Illustrators: Barry Ament, Chris McGann)
14. Yield Cover for Epic {Layout: Barry Ament, George Estrada, Coby Schultz, Jeff Ament)
15. T-shirt for Phish (Illustrator: George Estrada)