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Welcome to the 5h Articles Archive. Our goal here is not to present you with every article about Pearl Jam ever written (or that will be written), but rather to sift through and archive the ones that we think are worth reading. Our criteria is somewhat subjective. Either the article was the definitive piece written on a subject, documented a piece of essential Pearl Jam history or folklore, or it was just well written.

If you're a new fan, we really believe that the best way to learn about the band and its history is by reading these articles. There's nothing here that's superflous, and it's better than any book on the band you can find.

We've now integrated the articles that were written by or for 5h into this section. This includes album reviews, editorials, or other feature pieces. Those are denoted by the small target symbol next to it. [target]

If you have a favorite article, something that's not obvious and that you'd like to share, that fits the criteria listed above, why not e-mail us?



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We get a lot of mail asking us about the various Pearl Jam books that are out there. With two exceptions, none of them are worth your time or your money (and even then, one of those two is dubious). None of them have original interviews, they're all regurgitations of existing magazine interviews. You can get the same information yourself by reading the articles we have here.

The two worth mentioning are:

[Click on the links above to read the 5h reviews on these books.]

  Touch Me I'm Sick
None Too Fragile: Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder
The Story of Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam - Ten
Pearl Jam: The Illustrated Biography
Pearl Jam: Live
Vitalogy: An Encyclopedia of Health and Home

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