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Riot Act Tracklisting

September 12: Here 'tis:

1) Can't Keep (3:38)
2) Save You (3:50)
3) Love Boat Captain (4:36)
4) Cropduster (3:52)
5) Ghost (3:14)
6) I Am Mine (3:35)
7) Thumbing My Way (4:08)
8) You Are (4:28)
 9) Get Right (2:39)
10) Green Disease (2:41)
11) Help Help (3:35)
12) Bush Leaguer (3:57)
13) 1/2 Full (4:11)
14) Arc (1:05)
15) All Or None (4:37)

Bonus: Listen to "I Am Mine" online starting just after midnight tonight at

Album Title

September 11: A Rumor Pit update announced the new album title is (drum roll) ... Riot Act.

Pearl Jam Video Shoot

Setpember 10 correction: The video was directed by James Frost, although Danny Clinch was there shooting publicity and documentary photos. According to Danny, he did an awesome job.
September 9 update:
Danny Clinch, respected rock photographer (Radiohead, Neil Young) and director (Ben Harper "Pleasure and Pain" documentary) was the one directing the video shoot.

September 7: It's true ... the band is shooting footage for a video. It was obvious something was going on at Seattle's Chop Suey last night with the bar reportedly "closed" this weekend, yet the parking lot was blocked off and numerous large trucks plus tons of video cameras were in evidence. According to someone in the band, they were shooting a couple of songs for promotional use in Europe (not MTV). One of the taped songs will likely be a version of "I Am Mine" featuring keyboards. Someone on the scene reported hearing "Thumbing My Way" as well.

Seattle radio is saying there is a show tonight, but that is untrue ... although another night of closed shooting may well take place.

More Song Titles

August 23: Rumor Pit says: "We have a couple of the new album song titles to share with you. They're both mid-tempo songs. The first title is "Love Boat Captain" and the other is "Bushleaguer" which features some recitation during the song."

And the first single will be ...

August 22: A story in yesterday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the first single from Pearl Jam's new album will be "I Am Mine." Look for this to hit radio September 18.

Today's Ten Club update provides October 8 as the tentative in-store purchase date for the single. The b-side will be "Down." A new story hit Billboard today regarding the single.

Album Release Date Moved Up!

August 19: Today's Rumor Pit update says album release date is moved up a week to November 12!!!

Stone Speaks on Tour/New Album

August 9, 2002: In a brief article in today's Toronto Sun, Stone has a few words about PJ's upcoming tour plans and the new album:

"Pearl Jam is going to do a few shows sometime in late November and then probably in February, we'll be out," said Gossard down the line from Portland, Oregon, where he was vacationing.

As for the new album, Gossard reports: "I listened to it the other day and it sounds great, yeah. I'm very excited about it. We worked with a guy named Adam Kasper, who co-produced it, so that's new. And the record sounds great. Brendan O' Brien mixed it and he did an excellent job. Everyone wrote songs, and there's some really beautiful songs."

PJ Song to be Part of Surfer Video Game

August 2, 2002: Pearl Jam's "WMA" is slated to be included as a part of the soundtrack for Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer® video game scheduled for release this summer. See details on Yahoo News. and more on the Activision site (including trailer and screenshots). Cowabunga!

House of Blues Reprise

July 23, 2002: Similar to the 1999 outings, The Who have scheduled another charity show to benefit the Maryville Academy with Ed Vedder and C Average opening. According to Billboard, this show will once again be at the Chicago House of Blues on September 23.
update: Pearl Jam is now planning to open at the HOB show for The Who.

Ticket information: Tickets are $400 and go on sale this Friday, July 26 via Ticketmaster and the House of Blues box office.

Album in November!

July 16, 2002 update: Rumor Pit says November 19, 2002!!!
July 1, 2002: The Rumor Pit released on Friday says: the record is done. It's coming out in November. They hope to play some shows this year, but the full tour is next year. Rarities pushed back to 2003. Any PJ "news" stories you're reading online, or hearing on your radio stations are coming from the Rumor Pit. Ignore them and go to the source!!

New Studio News

April 1, 2002: No, it's not an April Fool's joke... The band have re-entered the studio (after some pre-production in February) to begin recording the next album this week, with Adam Kasper [Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, etc.] as co-producer. Previous plans indicated that they'd be in for approximately three months; sources now tell us that THE BAND could be out OF THE STUDIO as early as mid-May! Of course, this can change at any time, and does NOT mean that the album will be out any sooner than originally announced. Information also hints that Brendan O'Brien may be involved with this record on some level.

This information seems to indicate that the band has a lot of material ready, and that they anticipate a very smooth recording process. This does not mean that all the songs are ukelele songs, it's just an opinionated observation. :) All of this bodes well for fans eagerly awaiting new music from PJ!

Ed's Surprise Appearance with Neil Finn

March 13, 2002: Ed popped up with Neil Finn at his San Juan Capistrano show last night. Songs performed that included Mr. Vedder:

The mohawk was still in evidence (although not shown all night), as was the fedora worn at the Wiltern :) Ed mentions at the encore how he is friends with the owner of the Coach House, who recently recovered from a terminal illness.

EV To Induct The Ramones Into the R&RHOF

March 8, 2002: In the latest entry in the cosmic justice files, it was announced today (in USA Today) that Ed will be inducting his beloved Ramones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will take place on Monday, March 18 at the Waldorf-Astoia in New York City, and will be broadcast on VH-1 on March 20 at 9pm. You can read more about the Ramones, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the induction ceremony at the R&RHOF web site at Gabba gabba hey indeed!

In The Studio Update

March 6, 2002: news reports "The band will take a short break before getting back to work on the new record." Our sources tell us that the band spent two weeks in the studio in February doing pre-production work (which means they were basically getting ready to record), and will then be going back in for an extended period of time (possibly as long as three months) during which the real work on the new album will take place. This session should end before the summertime, during which time Brad should hopefully record and tour. Of course, making a record is a very organic process and Pearl Jam have always followed their feelings and not a strict schedule. This means that this information can change at any time, and we may or may not get updated if and when they change their minds.

Let's remember that for Binaural, there were probably as many as four sessions in the studio before the album was finished, and we didn't necessarily get definitive reports regarding the start and finish dates of those sessions. It got confusing, because there were occasional undated interviews where a band member would mention being in the studio, after getting a report that they were done. They did let us know when the record was coming out, and that's the date that we all care about the most at the end of the day. We will do our best to keep you updated as to any significant developments, but we won't be tracking what color socks Stone wore on what day or what Jeff ate for breakfast. :-) [Ed's most recent haircut, however, remains top priority news!!]

[We hope the humor in the above report was obvious =)]

Ed Appearing at R.A.C. Benefit

January 24, 2002: According to information released by the Recording Artists Coalition (R.A.C.), Ed will be appearing Ed will be appearing solo as part of a series of benefit concerts in support of the Recording Artists Coalition. He is scheduled to appear on a bill with Beck and Mike Ness (from Social Distortion) at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, February 26, 2002. The R.A.C. is essentially a trade union for recording artists, whose mission is to lobby for strengthened rights and protections for performers. You can see a poster for the show, as well as read more about the organization, at their web site (

Tickets are listed to go on sale tomorrow at 6pm via Ticketmaster. If you want to go to this show, we would suggest being organized now. If you live outside of the Los Angeles area, that means you will need to call a LA area ticketmaster, no matter what happens you will not be able to walk into your local Ticketmaster outlet and buy a ticket for this show. If you are a local, it would be worth hitting outlets tonight on your way home and see about lotteries. If you need a refresher course in buying tickets, see this helpful link. It goes without saying, not likely there will be any Ten Club tickets since this is a benefit show and also not a Pearl Jam show.

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