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Current tour status

The most recent Rumor Pit reports that a few shows may happen before the end of the year with the next real tour to begin sometime in 2003. Australia, New Zealand and Belgium are mentioned for spring.

So no tour until 2003 and nothing is firmed up yet. Do not be taken in by rumors you may hear in chat rooms or on your local radio station. DJs don't have better connections to the band than their manager does, no matter how big a fan they might be.

What about South America? Specifically, Brazil? If there's a continent that deserves the next Pearl Jam tour, in our opinion, it's South America. If you've gone to any PJ shows anywhere in the past few years, there's no way you haven't met some of these great, crazy South American PJ fans. The band, crew and management have all talked about going to South America (and they had very real plans to do so back in 99, which didn't happen); we don't know the particulars, but we *do* know for sure that the band are well aware of their fanbase in that part of the world and very much want to play there.

There have been newspaper reports in Brazil that PJ have been "invited" to play Rock In Rio (which happens every year; it's not a confirmation of any sort), and there was also a recent article published in Brazil regarding a festival that Clear Channel Entertainment (the latest concert monopoly in the U.S.) wants to put on in Brazil - which also name-dropped PJ. A recent Rumor Pit quashed any plans to play Brazil this year, so for now we'll have to agree that it doesn't look like this is going to happen any time soon.

Complicating the South American situation now is the fact that the band have been very vocal about the fact that after Roskilde, they will never again play a show that has general admission seating; most, if not all, shows of the size PJ would have to play in South America are GA. We don't know for sure that this is the current roadblock - right now they're more focused on a new record than they are on any touring plans. We do know, however, that future plans are being discussed and considered.

While we usually never do this, we think the South American fans have a very valid case - they've started (yet another) petition to get PJ to play down there. You can read about their effort here. This isn't the first time they've done this, and we hope they get their wish!

If we get any CONFIRMED information regarding tour plans anywhere in the world, we will update this page accordingly.

Around the bend ...

PJ appeared at the Groundwork 2001 concert as part of this benefit event, which took place on October 22 at Key Arena in Seattle. You can get more information on this show here.

Prior to the Groundwork 2001 show, PJ played Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concerts for the fifth time. You can get more information on these shows here.

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Current side project status

Although 5h does not track side projects in depth, we do maintain a brief synopsis on side projects here.

Concert Chronology

The Concert Chronology provides dates, venues, setlists and comments about Pearl Jam shows and appearances.


Our own collection of PJ tour memorabilia, plus collectibles submitted by online fans, reside here. You'll find all sorts of interesting items ... from tickets and t-shirts to guitar picks and an extensive online collection of PJ posters.

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