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Five Horizons Photo of the Moment

The goal with the Photo of the Moment was to find really special, exceptional, one-of-a-kind photos ... photos you haven't seen before ... and present them here with some background for your enjoyment.

This is the final addition that will be made to this section. This subpage is locked and will not be updated in the future. You are welcome to browse all of the previous photos that are now archived.

Almost all of these photos came from fans. If you have a picture you took (not from a book or magazine, or another web site) that you love, is your favorite, or think is special, or has not been seen before, we'd love to see it and will consider linking it from the Concert Chronology. Feel free to email 5h. Thanks!!

The Groundwork Benefit

Vedder and Stipe at Groundwork benefit

Groundwork, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending world hunger, organized "6 Days of Music in Seattle," featuring musicians at various venues in the Seattle area. The finale was the night of October 22, 2001 with Pearl Jam's set leading to R.E.M.'s performance.

This lovely photo, capturing Ed with Michael Stipe during R.E.M.'s set, was taken by Colby Cockrell at the Groundwork show.


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