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"standing on the corner, guitar case in my hand ..."

[Ed and Eric]

Okay, so that's Lou Reed, and not EdVed, but we think he'd approve. This wonderful candid shot of Ed and PJ tour manager Eric Johnson was taken last October 10, the day PJ opened for Cheap Trick at the Crocodile Cafe in downtown Seattle. The band and crew began arriving at 2pm, and the great thing about Seattle is, well, they can all just show up in their own cars or on foot, in the case of Ed.

This shot was taken by some Cheap Trick fans (who are now diehard PJ fans!) who were waiting on line with us that day. We spotted Ed in the distance several blocks down Second Avenue, just casually walkin' down the street towards the club, guitar case in hand.

The only people who bothered him were those folks you can see on the opposite corner, Seattle's own group of autograph hounds, who show up at EVERY show with their little stacks of records and magazines (which Ed didn't sign; however, he did talk to the woman you can see standing there, who is a very cool fan and had a neat conversation with him about Pete Townshend). [No one from Five Horizons is in this photo.]

While this isn't necessarily a common sight (even in Seattle!), it was just another neat moment in an otherwise incredible day!

photo by Daniel Myers