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Happy Birthday, Jeff!!

[Jeff - Letterman 98]

"As we once again enter the eagerly-awaited pre-PJ album excitement, we bring you this photo from the early days of the Yield release in 1998. Here's birthday boy (March 10) Jeff Ament, quizzically perusing the crowd of fans and professional autograph hounds waiting outside the backstage door at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. The date is 5/1/98, and Pearl Jam are appearing on Late Night with David Letterman to promote Yield.

What makes this photo so interesting (beside Jeff's expression) is the folks in the background. Look closely and you can see Mr. Michael McCready, as well as Brett Eliason (PJ sound engineer).

Do we have another TV appearance in store this time? Let's hope so!

photo by lisa bianco and robert spina