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say cheese!

So the Concert Chronology listing for the 10/18/00 show in Lubbock, TX relates: "A fan (Jayme) is brought up onstage during the 'YL' solo, Ed dances with her, sits her on his monitor, takes a polaroid, then they watch Mike close the show out together and Ed gives her a photo and his bottle of wine."

The photo above is the polaroid in question (you can see the back of it here in the Synergy photo galleries), and here's the rest of the story:

"So ed gives jayme his bottle of wine and the band splits. Well then the security wouldn't let us keep the wine cause the United Spirit Arena is a no alcohol venue. So Jayme and I are starting to argue w/ security when a lady who works for the band steps in and offers to mail it to us. I tell her that we're going to the Albuquerque show on Friday and she says instead of mailing it she'll just put us both on the backstage list and give the wine to us then. We go to Albuquerque and no one knows what list we're talking about, but then someone w/ a radio gets ahold of Liz and she tells them to give us VIP passes and to meet her backstage at the end of the show. After the show she meets us backstage w/ the wine wrapped up in a PJ shirt and wishes us well. I was blown away that the band and their staff care enough to go to all the trouble to take care of a fan."
File under: "Reason #2,345,658 We Love Pearl Jam."

Thanks to Jayme and Damien Stednitz
Photo © 2000 Ed Vedder