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spr II

monkeywrench radio playlist
january 31, 1998

what we thought:

okay, so we thought it was awesome. the only thing we could have done without was krist novoselic, but it wouldn't be pirate radio without the weird guy ranting to piss you off, so what? didn't you need a few minutes to go to the bathroom or get some pizza? =)

what else. less "ummmm..."'s from ed...he seemed far less nervous. things seemed a little more organized. and obviously, way obviously, ed misses soundgarden as much as some of us do. wish stone's dj segment had been longer. wish they'd like *mike* dj next time...jeff too, for that matter.

some people are apparently surprised/upset/whatever about the broadcast's political tones. well, it was called *MONKEYWRENCH* radio - that was the whole point! (and, again, "monkeywrench" being a political term for non-traditional methods for subverting the traditional political system. EarthFirst! is a monkeywrenching group, hence their logo, and hence ed's tattoo. just go to AltaVista and do a search on "monkeywrench" if you're curious...) anyway, i don't know why these people are so surprised. pj is very much a political band. you don't like it - change the station! at my house, i totally missed who the Free To Fight speaker was because of the political ranting going on in my living room. I think Ed would have liked that.

what would i have said if i'd gotten through on the phone? i would have apologized for having no voice & told ed i was at the stones the night before; i would have thanked him for the broadcast and asked him what color "HIV Baby" he has, and asked him where the $#@! Chris Cornell was.

the playlist:

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