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Helper Applications

Many of you have written to us saying you have trouble downloading the appropriate audio and video applications to play the sound and video files on this site. The following are links to appropriate players on other web sites; we can take absolutely zero responsibility for how any of these applications work, since we didn't write them and we don't use all of these apps.

Sound (WAV, AU)
Windows users: Cool Edit
Mac users: Sound Machine

Sound (MP3)
Windows users: you can download an excellent shareware player for Windows 95 called Winamp. Windows 3.1 users can try Winplay.
Mac users: Macamp, Winplay or SoundApp.
UNIX: mpg123

Helpful notes: Your browser will prompt you; you want to save it as a file (if you don't have a 'temp' directory, we recommend you make one so you know where to find it). If you have configured your browser to play MP3 files without saving them first, the song will play without prompting you to save it.
» Additionally, there is a good MP3 FAQ and messageboard at

Video (AVI)
Windows users: Media Player (comes with Windows)
Mac users: Use Quicktime

Video (MOV)
Windows and Mac users: QuickTime

Video (MPG)
Windows users: VMPEG [550kB]
Windows 95 users: Microsoft ActiveMovie
Mac users: Get the MPEG plug-in for Quicktime.

Images (GIF, JPG)
Windows users: LView Pro
Mac users: JPEGView [800kB] or Jade [481kB] freeware

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