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Ed @ Tibet Freedom Concert '99

We've thrown this page together to consolidate all the late-breaking info about TFC '99, instead of cluttering up the main News page ...


HOB Broadcast

House of Blues Online will be presenting a webcast of highlights from the 1999 TFC tomorrow beginning at 4:00 p.m. PDT, and again on Monday at the same time. They plan to broadcast more than four hours from all four venues; specific content is undetermined currently, but they are hinting that Ed "should" be featured as part of the highlights. Head on over to House of Blues to see!


Ed's TFC Guitar

We know many people are very interested in the guitar Ed used at the TFC on Sunday. It is a Surfcaster, made by Jackson Charvel Guitars, and was apparently hand-painted black by Ed himself. Follow the link above for more info on this guitar. (No, we don't know what the "GS" stands for...)

"Stand And Be Counted"

We've learned that Ed was interviewed at the TFC by none other than David Crosby (from Crosby, Stills and Nash fame) for an upcoming project entitled "Stand And Be Counted". In fact, while searching around for confirmation, we sent out some emails, and received our answer from David Crosby himself!:

From: DCrosby
Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 1:33 PM
Subject: Re: FW: "stand and be counted"

it is true ... we talked for a while was for a book/documentary both called "Stand and Be Counted" about musician activism ...... he was very intelligent and I was quite impressed with him ..........

This will be both a book and a network television series that is slated for release this fall. You can read more about this project in an interview with David Crosby on The Old Grey Cat.

Interview footage on

There is now interview footage of Ed and Jon Stewart on the site, if you haven't already seen it. (And if some kind soul with a T1 or other high-speed data line wants to transcribe this, we'd be eternally grateful.. =))

9:30pm PDT
More setlist detail in the 1999 Concert Chronology. Review and photos to follow soon.

9:15am PDT
At last ... a definitive setlist (in the 1999 Concert Chronology)!

4:10pm PDT
The TFC '99 site has posted a full clip from today's show (Better Man only) and a few still shots are archived here:
Ed 1 | Ed 2 | Ed 3 | Ed 4 | Ed 5

1:10pm PDT
Q101 says they are going to "have a chat with Mr. Eddie Vedder." We'll see ...

12:25pm PDT
Ed's on the stage (yes, still sporting the blonde hair, which is longer ... for those who need to know) ;)
He makes some comments, including how "this place holds fond memories."
Last Kiss
He does a put-on, asking for random people to come up on stage and play. C Average comes up from the audience to join him.
Better Man (no tag)
? (Mono Men song)
Driven to Tears
Ed jokes (we're paraphrasing here): "Oh well. You know I was fucking with you guys. We've been rehearing (referencing C Average). People in America we get lied to all the time, you should be used to it."
? (Dead Moon song )
? (Demolition Man?)
Love -> Building on Fire (Talking Heads)
Patriot (very cool punk version with Ed doing a lot of windmills!)

We've learned that Naked Eye was on the setlist but not played. awwwwwwww :(

Apparently a good number of the PJ crew were there, including Kelly Curtis, Brett and Eric Johnson, who was videotaping. A number of tapers were busted. Many people who were taking photos had their film taken.

11:10am PDT
Despite a wretched rainstorm and water everywhere, the show is on. Today's TFC lineup seems to have changed. Otis Rush is finishing up and it looks like next up is The Cult, followed by Xiao Qiang, with Ed and C Average next. The TFC "live broadcast" from the Tibet '99 site is NOT live, but you can see the lineup and grab clips from the Sydney show. Q101 says they are broadcasting live from backstage at Alpine Valley, but they aren't broadcasting anything live (yet anyway).

4:00pm PDT
It appears that Q101 will be broadcasting TFC live. The Q101 live net feed utilizes Microsoft's Media Player which you may need to download in advance.

6:30am PDT
Jim DeRogatis reports in the 6/10 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times that Ed and C Average are slated to take the stage at approximately 2:25pm. This may vary, given the fact that RATM still will be worked into the schedule.

5:30pm PDT

Although we can't confirm yet, we've seen a rumored lineup for the show. Contrary to popular belief, Ed might be appearing MUCH earlier in the lineup than anticipated. If you are interested in seeing that performance, you might like to get there early. Just a warning :)

possible lineup:
starting at 11:30 am CDT
Cibo Matto, Outkast, The Cult, Eddie Vedder + C Average, Otis Rush, Tracy Chapman, The Roots, Chaksam Pa, Blondie, Live, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Mixmastermike and DJ Koala, Tibetan Monks (+ Rage Against the Machine)

Ed's Backing Band: As reported on 6/8 by allstar, EV will be accompanied by Olympia, WA duo C Average. [Follow the link for more info on the band.]

According to the news story, the trio "will be performing covers including songs by the Police, Joe Jackson, and Dead Moon" [local PNW legends].

As the article points out, C Average opened for Hovercraft earlier this year, so this is probably how they're all acquainted.

There's an interesting interview on the C Average site [above]. Our favorite part of the interview:

X: Who's your fave guitarist?
JON: Pete Townshend He's so good and true. His song-writing and technique are great, and he can really get people going.
[Can you say The What, anyone? =)]

TFC Broadcasts: The extremely difficult-to-load-and-navigate web site vague mentions of radio specials and cybercasts, with very little actual detail provided.

The TFC website states: "Beginning June 13th (Sydney time) we will be posting footage from this year's four Tibetan Freedom Concerts as they happen. Also, on Sunday June 20th, we will be broadcastong a four-hour Tibetan Freedom Concert special, containing highlights, performances, interviews and backstage footage from all four shows, as well as footage from Tibet and background segments on the history of the Tibetan cause and the concerts. Check back for the start time."

You can register for the TFC cybercast at this direct link (which will save you having to wait 20 minutes to download an irrelevant Shockwave animation). The page which will have the net feed is here.

5h coverage: Yes, we plan to cover the event live, as it happens; look for updates and breaking news on this page on Sunday.

Rage Against The Machine added to the bill. Okay, it's nothing to do with Pearl Jam, but many people are very excited about it. =)

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