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Berlin Broadcast

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Pre-show: Broadcast of John F. Kennedy's famous speech where he said, "I am a Berliner."
The usual drumming background music from this tour

Long Road
Last Exit
... Eddie's voice sounds a *little* rough...
Hail Hail
... They sound GREAT! Jack is great! Mikey is on!
Eddie: "How's everybody in Berlin tonight? For any of you are in the back and can't see, it's pretty damn packed in front. Is everybody okay? I'm just checking progress here -- do yourselves and everyone else a favor and watch out for your neighbor... Protect the women and children... We got a long night I think... uh... This one's called
Red Mosquito
In My Tree
What GREAT guitar!
Jean sez, 'These europeans like to clap along' ;-) [Hello Mirella and everyone else there!]
A little staticy on the reception there -- it wasn't just you ;-)
Eddie: "Well this next song has one word title -- the title was almost can't find a better kitchen... and xx if you're here, you know what i'm talking about."
[He must be talking about Matt Lukin and his damn kitchen again]
Stone: "Alright, I'm gonna sing one."
The crowd is singing the 'I'm going hungry' refrain so loud you can hear it -- giving me shivers!
... TASTY solo

  • 'Hey hey it's okay' ... This is an improv, they did it last night in Poland [thanks Leo and Andrew]
  • 'Noise of carpet' by Stereolab
    Crowd is singing along to chorus at end. Reminds me of Toronto crowd, but not as loud
    'Fuck' count so far: only two. I think he omitted the RVM one.
    long pause
    WHAT is he doing?????? Eddie's speaking in tongues
    New intro to immortality

    Ah, the zone, the zone, the drumming, the guitar... we're there!!! wow!!!!
    Eddie: "Alright we'd like to say thanks, thanks for coming out, those of you lucky enough to get tickets... We've had some interesting shows in Germany... I remember every one of them, for good and bad... but actually this show is on the the radio tonight so a bunch of other people were eavesdropping... I fucked up quite a few times, thanks for covering up... this next song is called, 'I'll be glad when you're dead and gone, you bastard you', or 'this blood's for you.'"
  • Fame [It IS fame this time.]
  • Suck You Dry
    Sounds like something's being smashed
    They're off stage... weird background music like Atlanta
    Eddie: "Thanks, very much... I don't know what to say so I'm just going to say, "I am a donut."
    Who You Are
    Ooh, 'fuck' again.;-)
    Not For You
    Eddie: "The next song I'd like to send out to the people who started radio fritz... we know from walking around here that it's not that you don't have good records here in Berlin, it's just that they don't seem to play it on the radio. We're not trying to say that only certain types of songs are good, and others are bad, or certain types of music, but radio fritz seems to have played a lot of records that nobody else would. This show tonight and the fact that it's getting out beyond this room, it's our thanks to them. So thank you, radio fritz..
    And now, Mike and I would like to serenade you...

    more clapping
    Eddie: "Okay, before we go, we'll play one more, called 'Leaving Here.' It's what we gotta do. We're gonna bring out the Fastbacks. They're from Seattle, everyone give 'em a big hand now... I think they're pissed off because we're leaving. This ones off a compilation record called 'Home Alive' which I hope you can find over here and this one goes something like this...
    Leaving Here
    Eddie: "Muchas gracias...gratzie...danke...good night

    THAT'S IT! Thanks to Jean bean the dancing machine, nd the trout, the majestik moose and Chris in the other room for their support during this marathon. Thank you to Marco Collins on KNDD for keeping his damn mouth shut and not ruining the broadcast.