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"Everybody Loves Us, Everybody Loves Our Town"
Pearl Jam in Seattle

Chris' post to a.m.p-j about the Showbox

> I heard about it at 9:00am on 107.7, how and where did you hear about it
> before that??
> Just wondering...
marco collins, in an inexcusable attempt to be the awesome deejay that he thinks he is, leaked the information thursday night in order to get the KNDD exclusive. i am not impressed. he managed to fuck over the fans in more ways than one. i am sure PJ wanted the announcment made at 9 am friday morning to a) keep their fans from camping out on a sidewalk in capitol hill all night (not a good idea), and b) give the local fans a fighting chance against both scalpers and rich out-of-towners.

instead, marco managed to fuck up both, and i saw plenty of way-too-underexcited ken and barbie lookalikes stroll into the showbox while die-hard fans (many of whom i met out on the sidewalk) waited in the rain all day in the hopes that they would be let in or more tickets would be sold, since they apparently sold only 500 tix for an 800 capacity venue.

we left after 10 1/2 hours after two of our group were yet again harrassed by security, this time for (horror of horrors) wanting to stand by the back door to try to hear what PJ were playing. at that point we'd had enough. a few of the others stuck it out for the rest of the night.

just as we were leaving we passed eric johnson (PJ's tour manager) who had ventured out to the parking lot for some reason. he saw us and both he and i stopped in our tracks momentarily and looked at each other as if to say something. i couldn't think of anything to say anymore and he apparently couldn't either. he knew we had been there all day, because he had passed us several times as he went in and out of the showbox all afternoon and i had talked to him earlier about their taping policy. i knew there was nothing he could do -- the fire marshall was on the venue's ass all day and they were being extremely careful about not letting anyone else inside -- but is apparently didn't make it any easier on him than it did on us.

>> anyways, does anyone know who is putting on this show?  aka what
>> production company?
none. remember "sponsored by no one" on the posters last summer?

PJ donated all proceeds from the showbox show to three different charities, although i did not hear which ones.