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catalyst ticket scan
The Honking Seals Sneak into The Catalyst
PJ return to California 11/12/97

Our friend Andy got into the show tonight and was the one who called a few minutes ago (it's 1:20am PST as I write this) with the setlist. He missed the soundcheck (or rather heard a few songs and then went to get something to eat), but got into the show and got pretty close to the front. He reports that for the most part, the crowd was mellow and respectful and that the band was *awesome* (doh!). Eddie stopped "Sometimes" (the opener) about a minute into it and made some comment about, "It's such a pretty song, I'd like to be able to hear it."

New songs played: "Brain of J," "Given to Fly" (which according to Andy sounds "so much like Led Zep that they are probably going to call them on the phone and say, 'Hey...'" -- this might be what was played at the soundcheck and NOT "going to California"), "Wish List" and "Do the Evolution." Andy cribbed this off of the setlist at the soundboard (and got into shit with the soundman for doing so) so we're fairly sure these titles bear some resemblance to reality.

Eddie called Neil Young on a cellphone toward the end of the show, before the encore, to wish him happy 51st birthday. Ed made everyone in the audience quack, and his explanation was that when Neil plays at The Catalyst it's billed as "The Ducks" and the audience has to quack instead of applaud.

"Dean's friend, Ken" (it's a joke, it's late and I'm TIRED and have a 9am meeting tomorrow!) wrote to tell us about the soundcheck:

I snuck into the soundcheck. I kinda snuck through the kitchen. It was
just the sound guys, the opening band, 3-4 others and ME.

I Got Shit
Treat The Girls Right (The Who) 
     [obviously "Leaving Here" - he got the band right so we'll forgive him]
The Long Road
New song #2- Aborted after 2-3 minutes due to excessive bass feedback on
stage. The sound guy worked on it for awhile. They decided to restart it
with Eddie saying why bother we obviously aren't going to do it tonight.
After half a verse they stopped again. No I couldn't make out any
Last Exit
Off He Goes
comments: without sounding ungrateful, I'm not overly impressed with this setlist. "Once" and "State" kinda redeem it for me, the four new songs push it over the top, but "Dissident" and "Immortality" being there don't really bode well for me. Hoping they won't be trying to put "Sometimes" and "Off He Goes" over on Friday. I'm sure whatever they do I'll be going nuts over so I'll just shut up now.....

Andy's Addendum (more notes from The Catalyst)

Couple of cool things...

Eddie was talking about why they played Santa Cruz and he asked the crowd if anyone had any ideas why (not in those words) - I'm yelling, "the waves, the waves" knowing that if Eddie is Santa Cruz he is going to be surfing - and sure enough he smiles and says, "El Nino" and he went on to say how it brings in the warm water and the perfect swells...

So looks like I shoulda combed the beach for Mr. Vedder in a wetsuit!

I saw a couple of people with cameras and I kicked myself for not buying a cheapy disposable.

The official photographer (whatever his name is) apparently did not bring any camera gear for whatever reason.

They had pretty much just thrown the gear in the back of a big budget truck! It was hilarious watching them just stick Jack's drums in the truck...

They were not quite as tight as they could have been? Just a few little flubs here and there. One that Stone definitely grimaced at.

Everyone was in top form with Eddie doing this crazy mod dance during one of the new ones - "Do the Evolution" - and just generally enjoying himself. Mike looked "healthy" and was also smiling throughout. Jack was just Jack. Jeff did his famous jumps and spent a lot of time leaning back jamming his ass off (the classic Jeff lean back position). Stone just faced Mike and Eddie never really looking straight out and was just sort of Stone like the whole time.

Eddie was looking good in some scrappy clothes.

They stopped about a minute or so into "Sometimes" and had a minor sound adjustment at which eddie remarked, "It's such a pretty song, I'd like to be able to hear it." They picked up where they left off.

Eddie teased the crowd about playing new songs. He was talking about how Santa Cruz really deserved it (I'm pretty sure he launched into this schtick right after he was talking about the swells). Then he started saying that maybe Detroit actually deserved it more, or maybe Cleveland. finally with a big grin he said that Santa Cruz deserved it the most and off they went into three new ones.

new songs:

A super THANK YOU to both Ken and Andy for getting this info to us so quickly!!! And thanks to Dale Nutley for the ticket scan!