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"It's take no prisoners time!"
Great Woods Center, Mansfield, MA | 16 September 1998
review by David Savitt
photos by Greg Noorjanian
Now, I enjoyed this concert a whole heck of a lot more than the 9/15 concert. I went in with the intention for taking notes just as detailed as the night before but (fortunately? or unfortunately? the former I think :) some of my neighbors were smoking pot quite heavily, and the wind was blowing in the right direction so, uh, let's just say that the level of detail in my notes kinda peters out towards the latter half of the concert.

So, I've got a bunch of reasons for liking the 9/16 concert a ton more than the 9/15 one, besides the fact that the band was better (which you already knew). We watched the concert from almost the very front of the general admission area, so we were actually able to see a bit. In addition, the crowd was WAY more into it than the previous night. (I don't think it was just the difference between being where I was and being further back.) We were right next to a ton of moshing-type-activity (in fact, I think security bounced a bunch of 'em) and a number of times there were bodysurfers passing overhead. I'd never been in the middle of the fray like that, and, I have to admit, it was lots of fun, even though my backpack got a little crushed. (What was I thinking, bringing a backpack?) So I was in a very boisterous spot in the crowd, as opposed to the previous night.

Onto the concert itself...

Ed Ed Ed bowing
PJ Jeff and Ed

Brain of J: out comes Mike's flying V...

Hail Hail: moshing starts behind us, and Ed seems to be in a great mood, he's doing little dance around the stage all the time. After "bandaged hand in hand," does Ed say "like last night?" That's what it sounded like to me.

GTF: introduced something like "Boston Show, summer of '98, number 2. This next one is a story, I don't wanna say too much, but every once in a while someone leaves the planet..." and (this next bit is from memory, not from notes, so I don't vouch for it's accuracy) "so take a look around, and you'll see a bunch of people who will still be here at the end of the night".

After the emotional Dissident: "I have to compose myself here."

Wishlist: the bodysurfing begins in earnest.

Eflow: Introduced as "It's take no prisoners time." The moshing gets a little out of control, we're shoved way to one side at one point, my backpack is being stepped on, and I discover that my pen is gone, so I get out a new one and the rest of my notes are in a different color of ink. (For the record. :) Moshing gets back under control during Faithfull, which follows.

I Got Shit: "Last night we played a Neil Young song. We're trying to play as many different songs as possible... I don't know if this was a radio hit or not..." I love this song, and I'm always thrilled when they play it.

The improv before habit has the lyric "Every day I shake 10 hands," if that rings any bells. I'd probably call the improv a separate song in the setlist.

Now the pot starts to kick in, and my notes become rather sketchy... the only thing I have in my notes that's not already in your concert chronology is that DtE stops after a few seconds and is restarted, I didn't notice why.

Oh ... also ... I guess someone is throwing coins at Ed during State of Love and Trust. After the song, he launches into a profanity-laden tirade: "Whoever the fucker is who's throwing quarters at me, you're about to blow it for everybody. If I get hit one more time, I'm fucking out of here. If anyone sees someone throwing things at me, I give you my personal permission to beat the shit out of them. Fuck. Okay, I feel better now." and they launch into Betterman.

I think that's about it... rest up well, after all, the next North American tour is only, what, one or two years away? :(

Ed abd crowd Ed, wings, Stone

special thanks to Steve Tarmey