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Ten Club Ticket Status

The purpose of this section is to log in one place all the cities for which members report having received their Ten Club tickets thus far.

If your city is NOT listed, do not panic! It is still very early; the Ten Club reports that all tickets will be mailed out by the end of June.

To quote the ticket order form:

"If you don't receive your tickets five days prior to the concert date, call (206) 728-7078 or e-mail us at Please use only if there is a problem; no seat location information will be available."
We'd urge you to please not flood the email address above with inquiries unless you are indeed five days away from your show, because it will mean that the box will be too full for them to help the people who are seriously in trouble. =(

Last updated: August 21, 1998

Cities reported thus far:

If your city isn't on this list and you have Ten Club tix in hand, please email us so we can add your city to the list and help stop the general panic =)

Disclaimer: This document is for informational purposes ONLY and does not represent any kind of official status or statement on behalf of the Ten Club. The information contained here was created by fans and submitted by fans for the purposes of assisting other fans, and should not be interpreted as an official statement from the Pearl Jam Fan Club.