Pearl Jam -- "Self Pollution Radio" FM Broadcast, January 8, 1995

Pearl Jam -- Aye Davanita (from Vitalogy 1994)
Eddie Vedder -- intro and comments
Sonic Youth -- Teenage Riot (from Daydream Nation 1988)
Slant Six -- Don't You Ever (from Soda Pop Ripoff 1993)
Klark Kent (includes Stewart Copeland of The Police) -- Away From Home (from Klark Kent 10" EP 1980)
Pearl Jam (live) -- Spin the Black Circle, Satan's Bed, Corduroy, Not for You, Immortality (all from Vitalogy 1994)
Daniel Johnston -- Walking the Cow (from Hi, How Are You 1983)
Zeke -- West Seattle Acid Party, Schmidt Rid (both from Super Sound Racing 1996)
Eddie -- filtered mic
Eddie & Beth's holiday answering machine messages
Dee Plakas (from L7) & husband singing Jingle Bell Rock Matt Lukin (from Mudhoney)
The Descendants -- Silly Girl (from I Don't Want to Grow Up 1985)
The Fastbacks (live) -- On Your Hands, Run No More, Old Address of the Unknown
Gas Huffer -- More of Everything (from One Inch Masters 1994)
John S. Hall (from King Missile)--A Little Restraint (spoken word)
The Gits -- Guilt Within Your Head (from Enter: The Conquering Chicken 1993)
Eddie -- comments
Interview w/ Val Agnew (from 7 Year Bitch) and Dave Minert (from Greta)
Bobby Miller -- Keep Your Mouth Off My Sisters (spoken word)
Dancing French Liberals of '48 (The Gits minus Mia Zapata) -- Dancing Foreign Legion
Mudhoney (live) -- Judgement, Rage, Retribution and Thyme, Generation Spokesmodel, What Moves the Heart (all 3 songs from My Brother the Cow 1995)
Eddie & Stone -- Stone plays cuts from Loose Groove label:
Weapon of Choice -- U Owe it to U (from Nutmeg Sez "Bozo the Town 1994, Loose Groove records)
Players Ball???
Outkast -- Ain't No Thang
Mix tape with Iggy, Tom, Veruca, Henry, and Noam Chomsky
Mad Season (live) -- Lifeless Dead, I Don't Know Anything (both songs from Above 1995)
Tom & Iggy (drummer piece)
Three Fish -- Solitude (from Three Fish 1996)
American Music Club -- The President's Test for Physical Fitness (from Wish the World Away single 1994)
Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters -- Gas Chamber (cover song, by Angry Samoans), Exhausted (from the then not-yet-released Foo Fighters 1995)
Babes in Toyland -- Pain in my Heart (from Spanking Machine)
Soundgarden (live) -- Blind Dogs (from The Basketball Diaries soundtrack 1995), Fell on Black Days (from Superunknown 1994, but different version), Kyle Petty, Son of Richard, No Attention (from Down on the Upside 1996)
Bass tuning tape
The Frogs -- Do Me
Eddie & Krist Novoselic
Phone call with Dennis (from The Frogs)
The Frogs - Johnny Get Out Of My Jidge (from the self-released cassette Made-Up Songs #10-15)
Wesley Willis -- They threw me out of church
Phone call with Mike Watt
Mike Watt -- Big Train (from Ball Hog or Tug Boat? 1995)
Mike Watt's answering machine message w/ Kathleen Hanna (from Bikini Kill)
Crunt -- Black Heart
Krist Novoselic reads from his book -- Chapter 1 - Surprise, Surprise
The Who -- Tattoo
Pearl Jam and Krist (live) -- Improv/Laurelhurst Beach Club Song
Pearl Jam (live) -- Last Exit, Blood, Tremor Christ, Porch, Indifference
Hovercraft -- Zero Zero Zero One
Magnog -- ???
Phone-call with Dee Plakas about Voters for Choice
Eddie commentary about Rolling Stone, Spin, Ms. Voters for Choice memo
Louis Armstrong -- What a Wonderful World