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This section is dedicated to the best of PJ tour memorabilia ... ticket stub scans, tour posters, t-shirts, etc. Of course, we are always looking for interesting contributions, no matter how bizarre or obscure. Important: please write us before sending scans!

These items are from our own collections or were scanned by fans who contributed them to Five Horizons. They are not available for sale or trade. Please, we ask you to not link directly to these scans for your own web site; we routinely change the filenames, and it costs us money. If you absolutely need to use one of these, please write us and we'll work something out.

Handwritten setlist scans are not listed here ... you can find them linked from the respective show's listing in the Concert Chronology. All other items have been moved to their own subpages:

posters | shirts | tickets | lyrics | historical documents | misc

Please email us if you'd like to contribute something.

NOTE TO ONLINE AUCTION SELLERS: If you link or steal any of these files, we will get your auction shut down. Period.

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