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The Pearl Jam Concert Video Guide
has been removed

The Pearl Jam Concert Video Guide at Five Horizons was an editorial document that provided a synopsis of shows that had been video taped. Video captures were included with some of the writeups. Five Horizons doesn't (and didn't) distribute videos, but offered ideas for trading and avoiding buying when possible (see the 5h Newbie Guide to Tape Trading and the 5h no-bootleg policy ).

As many of you who frequent fan sites are aware, Pearl Jam has recently taken a very firm stance on their stated policy of "no video taping." This policy had been in place for years, but was not enforced until 2001.

Although the Video Guide is gone, many of the notes from the guide are being incorporated into the Concert Chronology. Also, the icon ([video guide]) noting shows that were taped and are being circulated remain in the Concert Chronology.

If you are new to trading, please refer to the 5h Newbie Guide to Tape Trading. Although it was authored a while back when people were trading audio and video tapes, the basic ideas are intact. Online sources for video trading (not exclusively Pearl Jam) include:

DISCLAIMER: This site doesn't advocate or endorse the production of video bootlegs. It is merely intended to provide a reference document for collectors. 5h does not sell. Any mail asking about selling tapes will be deleted. Auction sellers: If you excerpt, quote, or otherwise reference Five Horizons in your online auction of live tapes or CDs, your auction will disappear. You do not have permission to use 5h content to sell your items.

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