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2001 Concert Chronology

02/27/01 - Live double CDs from each show of the first leg of the North American 2000 tour are officially released

03/27/01 - Live double CDs from each show of the second leg of the North American 2000 tour are officially released

04/02/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand (Ed appearing with Neil Finn and others) [150m]
attendance: 1,500
soundcheck: Not For You (multiple times, especially the bridge), Parting Ways, Around the Bend, Paradise (Ed on a ukulele with Lisa), History Never Repeats (x2), I Got You (x2), I See Red
set: [only songs that included Ed] Stuff and Nonsense, Around the Bend, Not For You, History Never Repeats, I Got You, World Where You Live
encore: Parting Ways, Paradise (on ukulele), Weather With You (Ed on tambourine)
notes: This is the first show of this tour, and Ed is a member of an all-star lineup including Tim Finn, Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway from Radiohead, Johnny Marr from the Smiths, Lisa Germano and Sebastian Steinberg. A beautiful venue; hardly a bad seat in the place with great sound. The odd person in the crowd yells "Where's Eddie?" with many sharp replies from Neil. "Eddie Veddy's really ready, ready to take you on mate! He'll take on any man in Auckland!" to which a girl yells "Will he take on a woman??" Ed joins Tim Finn sporting a new, short, "blow-dried Russell Crowe at the Oscars" type of haircut and the blue celebration shirt. Tim plays piano while Ed sings 'Stuff and Nonsense.' Neil directs, "That was ace!! That was choice!!" at Ed with a big sly smile, who replies with 'You're looking for a fight ... where's the guy that wants to fight me? Where's the WOMAN that wants to fight me??" Tim mentions how good it is to have Ed back in New Zealand, and how the last time he was there he apparently "saved" Ed (referencing the publicized near drowning incident). That got blown a little out of proportion." The rest of the band (Radiohead guys, Neil, Lisa/others) join Ed, who flubs the verses in "Around the Bend," which is a little sloppy but really nice to hear. Neil plays piano during this song. 'Not For You' has massive crowd singalongs, despite the messy bridge. Neil asks Ed at what age did he first hear a Split Enz tune. "Ummmm ... a tasteful 13." Neil responds, "Tasteful 13?? there is no such thing!" Ed slightly off mic with a cheesy grin: "yes there was, it was me!" Neil brings out his son's band (Betchadupa) to play along with Ed (as he has done previously on this tour) for 'History Never Repeats' and 'I Got You.' They have the time of their lives and completely nail each song. Ed and Neil trade verses in both songs. 'World Where You Live' has Neil on keyboard and Ed singing the entire song. 'Parting Ways' has an added and extended bridge after the first verse, and Neil joins Ed in the second verse. Lisa Germano does a wonderful job on strings. Ed then joins Lisa to play duel ukulele's to 'Paradise.' Both start the song in an exaggerated pose, pointing the ukulele's outward. Ed plays tambourine on 'Weather With You' to end the show. A long and fun show. They can only get better as the week goes on. Not a whole lot of talking from Ed though, who would have been trying not to upstage anyone else there.
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04/03/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand (Ed appearing with Neil Finn and others)
attendance: 1,500
soundcheck: Better Man (x2)
set: [only songs that included Ed] Take a Walk, Better Man, Stuff and Nonsense, Not For You, History Never Repeats, I Got You, World Where You Live, Paradise
notes: Ed joins the band much earlier tonight, singing 'Take a Walk' five songs into the first set. He strolls out carrying a notebook and a beer. Both Ed and Neil sing in this song. The call from Neil for Ed to come out seems to catch him off guard, as he comes out with a freshly lit cigarette. He gives it to someone in the front row. 'Better Man' closes the set with Neil on piano/backup vocals and played "by request." Before the song, Ed mentions that "since the election last year, (he) hasn't played, so it's all been brewing up inside. I'd like to dedicate this next song to little Damien, Omen 2. But then I'd have to change the lyrics to 'can't find a bigger asshole.'" 'Stuff and Nonsense' is played 'for a friend,' and is as beautiful as the previous night. 'Not For You' has a MUCH tighter bridge, but Phil Selway messes up the end by not stopping where he obviously should have. Neil's son Liam and his band join Ed once again for 'History' and 'I Got You,' once again playing superb versions. Seeing him front Liam's band is amazing - these guys are only about 16 or 17 and Ed is just totally rocking out with them. During 'History,' Ed removes his shoes and dances in his socks. 'World Where You Live' rounds off the three crowd pleasers. Ed once again plays ukulele for 'Paradise,' and has a lot of fun playing it. Neil calls everyone on stage after the last song for a group hug and they receive a standing ovation. For the time that Ed wasn't on stage singing, he was behind the speakers drinking (Stella beer), smoking and having a blast. He picks up a tambourine for 'Weather With You' and bangs along to a HUGE crowd clap-along. He really enjoyed himself tonight. Tonight's crowd was MUCH better than the night before, and there were rarely any 'EDDIE' calls from the crowd, obviously due to him coming out so early in the set. Full house again tonight.

04/04/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand (Ed appearing with Neil Finn and others)
attendance: 1,500
soundcheck: Corduroy (x2)
set 1: [only songs that included Ed] Take a Walk, Better Man
set 2: Stuff and Nonsense, Corduroy, History Never Repeats, I See Red
enc: World Where You Live
enc 2: Soon Forget, Paradise
notes: The first set tonight is nearly identical to last night. Ed is sporting the Champagne Breakfast Club shirt when he comes out to sing 'Take a Walk.' Before 'Better Man' begins, Ed says, "Neil was kind enough to invite me down, and on the premise of singing some Neil and Tim songs, which I could have done with the left lobe of my brain tied behind my back ... but you get down here and he has all these different ideas."
Neil: "We're subverting the process Eddie, drawing you out."
Ed: "Well since Neil's a visionary, I'll go with it ... this was one of his ideas."
Neil: "This was PHIL's idea!"
Ed: "Oh ... well we have a lot of visionaries up here!" [with laughter from the crowd].
'Better Man' has a tag with the lines "you were my first, I was your first, I won't be the last, and the best are always last. I will love you forever, don't wanna hate you forever." It was popular opinion that this was THE best 'Better Man' we have heard. Ed completely took charge of the band and led them in a totally different direction. Any nerves that were there in the beginning have disappeared completely. 'Corduroy' starts with a VERY experimental intro (with a strong Radiohead influence); Ed Vedder on e-bow with Ed O'Brien/Johnny messing around with various effects. There is one messy mistake near the bridge, which causes Ed to laugh while trying to sing. The end is also slightly messed up but it makes everyone laugh. Liam and others join Ed once again for 'History Never Repeats.' They play a false intro to 'I Got You,' stopping after a few seconds. Ed pretend to be annoyed with Phil's drumming saying "Jesus Christ ... one time, kick it! You're gonna kick it with a tasty groove. Are you ready?? Kick it!" (likely a reference to Tenacious D's 'Kick it with a Tasty Groove.') With that they kick into an amazing rendition of 'I See Red.' Easily the most energetic/intense song of the night. The guitarist broke a string but proceeded to play a solo without it. Tim Finn runs on stage to the surprise of Ed to play a short piano solo. Ed ends the song by throwing his mic stand high into the air. He walks off stage holding a cell phone (?). 'World Where You Live' opens the first encore. Ed comes out alone to begin the second encore with 'Soon Forget.' He pulls out a newspaper article he has been carrying around which is a quote from Steve Case about the AOL/Time Warner merger. "I've been keeping it to brighten my day ... it was this statement that said 'our brands, services and technologies have already touched millions of people ... we will embed the AOL/Time Warner experience more deeply into their lives.'" (he shudders) "That's fuckin scary!" Clapping messes him up completely, and it causes him to screw up quite a few times during the song. Once again Ed plays uke during 'Paradise.' The crowd tonight was a bit more trouble than previous nights. Lots of beer around and 'I only want to see Eddie' fans. Full house once again.

04/05/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand (Ed appearing with Neil Finn and others)
attendance: 1,500
set 1: [only songs that included Ed] Take a Walk, Better Man/(Save It For Later)
set 2: Stuff and Nonsense, I Got Shit, I Got You, I See Red
enc: World Where You Live, Not For You, Paradise
notes: The first set is once again, very similar to the two previous nights. Before 'Better Man,' Ed asks the audience if they want to hear his New Zealand accent. "I only know two words ... Iddie Vidder." 'Better Man' closes the set once again, and has a verse of 'Save It For Later' tagged on, with Ed singing "run away, run away" as fast as he can. 'Stuff and Nonsense' gains a few more people in the crowd singing along tonight. Betchadupa join Ed for 'I Got You' and another crowd pleasing 'I See Red.' Tim again runs out on stage to the surprise of everyone, but this time he grabs a mic and goes completely crazy. Singing while jumping around, making drastic dance moves and even trashing a mic stand, he has everyone in the place smiling and gaining a standing ovation from the audience, and all of the band in their lounge area behind some amps. Neil remarks "I'm scared!" (of Tim) once he returns on stage. Ed gives his cigarette to someone in the front row to hold for him while he sings. "I want it back though!" 'I Got Shit' was a total surprise for everyone, and despite some understandably sloppy moments (including Ed flubbing lyrics) it is well-received. 'Not For You' is MUCH tighter tonight, the band are really understanding each other's looks/signals. Johnny mentions beforehand that this is his favourite song (sound?). The "with no power, nothing to do" part is sung a capella, except for drums. Lisa and Ed play a nice duel solo on their ukes during 'Paradise.' Packed house again.

04/06/01 - St. James Theatre: Auckland, New Zealand (Ed appearing with Neil Finn and others) [160m]
attendance: 1,500
soundcheck: Golden Years, Timeless Melody (x4)
set 1: [only songs that included Ed] Take a Walk, Better Man/(Save It For Later)
set 2: Stuff and Nonsense, I Got You, History Never Repeats, I See Red, World Where You Live
enc: Golden Years, Timeless Melody
notes: This show was webcast in real time and rebroadcast 12 hours later. Thirty minutes into the show, Neil introduced Ed and he takes the stage, jumping around for 'Take a Walk,' and hands his beer to someone in the front row. He leaves and later returns saying, "I'd just like to publicity thank Neil for inviting me to Auckland, (crowd claps) inviting me to meet his family and his friends and you. And uh for some reason, I ... at some point felt the way to get closest or know someone really close or be intimate with them was to have sex with them (crowd laughs, and someone yells, "get to know me") from an adolescent viewpoint, but um this week I kinda realised that actually playing music is one of the most really nice ways to get to know each other intimately, and I just wanna thank everybody up here for um just how I've really enjoyed sleeping with you.. (crowd laughs) um, I mean playing with you all." This leads straight into "Better Man' with the crowd singing along loudly and a lovely, long tag, amazing energy and very touching lyrics: "I wannna sleep, I wanna dream, but I can't sleep and I can't dream without you next to me ..." Ed delivers 'Stuff and Nonsense' with his eyes closed, total concentration and his hair slicked back giving him an old Split Enz appearance. The magic continued into 'World Where You Live' after which he announces, "Here's a band; they're called Betchadupa," and they take the stage to tightly rock through 'I Got You,' 'History Never Repeats' and 'I See Red,' with Tim Finn charging out again, knocking Sebastian's mic over! Ed's vocal capabilities are realized in how ON he is with 'I See Red.' [Compare his singing with the studio version; it's amazing.] Ed returns for the encore: "Neil, come on. This setlist is 33 songs long. My favorite number is 33 1/3 so let's do 1/3 of this next song," leading to a surprising, short version of David Bowie's 'Golden Years.' Ed introduces a surprise number, 'Timeless Melody.' After Neil's final number (an amazing 'Don't Dream It's Over'), the whole ensemble returns to the stage for a group bow and standing ovation.

04/11/01 - The Independant Theatre: Sydney, Australia (private/secret Ben Harper show)
attendance: 200
set 1: Indifference [only song that included Ed]
notes: This was a Ben Harper show in a very small intimate venue with an audience comprised of Virgin Records and Triple J contest winners. The setting is just Ben and his guitar and a second chair is brought out and it is announced that Ben will be joined by "a special friend" and Ed comes out. He makes a funny little speech about Nader and the election. Then they played 'Indifference,' both sitting with acoustic guitars, trading verses.

05/01/01 - Touring Band 2000 DVD and VHS video released

07/09/01 - The Showbox: Seattle, WA (Ed with Wellwater Conspiracy and Supersuckers)
attendance: approx. 750
set: Red Light Green Light, Felicity's Surprise (with Wellwater Conspiracy); Poor Girl (with the Supersuckers)
notes: This, quite possibly the longest concert in Seattle history, was a charity benefit organized by Jack McDowell, a longtime friend of Ed's. Ed joins Matt and a bass-player-less WWC for the two numbers listed above. Then later in the show, after an affectionate introduction by Eddie of the Supersuckers (talking about the really cool things they have gotten to do as a band, recording with Eddie Vedder being one of them), Ed walks onstage, notebook in hand, and they just tear into a searing, kick-ass version of 'Poor Girl.' Also on the bill: Stickfigure (Jack McDowell's band), Pete Droge, Marcy Playground and Mudhoney. Funniest moment of this very long evening had to be at the end of Mudhoney's set. A bunch of silly drunk people (who missed Ed's appearances earlier because they were in the bar) start chanting "Eddie, Eddie," not realizing that Ed is standing in the crowd right behind them. He manages to quiet them down and then gets them to start a chant of "Mudhoney, Mudhoney," instead, which brought that band back for another song. Ed looks very tan, short hair, very trim and rested-looking. Jeff was spotted riding his bicycle past the venue earlier in the day. Matt looks like, well, Matt.
Ed's lyric sheet for 'Poor Girl'
Caryn's review with photos

08/04/01 - Rose Garden (Ralph Nader Rally): Portland, OR
attendance: approx 7,500
set: Soon Forget, Gimme Some Truth [John Lennon], Patriot/People Have the Power
notes: Ed's acoustic performance follows the general speakers and is prior to Ralph Nader's speech.
review with photos
Ed's lyric sheet for 'Gimme Some Truth'
Ed's lyric sheet for 'People Have the Power

08/24/01 - The Casbah: San Diego, CA (Ed with Wellwater Conspiracy)
set: Red Light Green Light, Felicity's Surprise
notes: In the third show of Wellwater Conspiracy's excellent west coast mini-tour, Ed joins them singing vocals for two songs.

Sept 1, 2, 3, 2001 - Brad plays three dates at the Breakroom in Seattle. Shows feature Stone Gossard, Shawn Smith, Regan Hagar and Mike Berg.

Sept 8, 2001 - Mike McCready appears at San Diego Street Scene and performs on 'Machine Gun' (featuring original Band of Gypsies members Buddy Miles and Billy Cox).

09/21/01 - America: A Tribute to Heroes (Ed and Mike)
set: Long Road
notes: In this widely televised tribute to victims and families of the horrendous WTC and Pentagon attacks, Ed and Mike appear to deliver a beautiful semi-acoustic 'Long Road,' accompanied by Neil Young on organ and backing vocals.
The benefit CD, VHS video and DVD of this show is now available for purchase, so we have removed the sound and video files.
Ed & Neil screenshot

10/19/01 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic)
soundcheck: I Am Mine (new song), Drifting, Low Light, Last Soldier (new song), Crazy Mary, The Kids are Alright, Gimme Some Truth, new song

10/20/01 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic)
set: Long Road, Of the Girl, Elderly Woman, Lost Soldier (new song), Daughter/(Where Do The Children Play), Better Man, Drifting, Crazy Mary, Give Me Some Truth, Indifference (with Ben Harper), Last Kiss
notes: Not a drastic departure from previous Bridge appearances, but a few surprises and touches. 'Last Soldier' is a new song, penned by Mike, with a somewhat R.E.M.-type sound. The 'Daughter' tag is a section from Cat Stevens' 'Where Do The Children Play' ("I know we've come a long way; we're changing day to day; tell me, where do the children play?"). The 'Better Man' tag is similar to 'Save it for Later' but lyrics more like Ed's New Zealand shows with Neil Finn earlier this year. Ed says that 'Drifting' was written on the way down from Neil's place and that no one can come out of Neil's, even an insurance salesman, without becoming a songwriter. It includes the full band, with Stone helping out on vocals. 'Gimme Some Truth' is a big standout, with the whole band in good form. Ben Harper helps out with 'Indifference,' giving Ed a kiss when he walks out on stage. 'Last Kiss,' like '99, is dedicated to Maricor (a Bridge School student).
Caryn's review (with photos) [this show was videotaped]

10/21/01 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic)
set: The Kids are Alright, Wishlist, I Am Mine (new song), Low Light, Nothing As It Seems, Last Soldier, Black, Gimme Some Truth, Indifference (with Ben Harper), Soldier of Love
notes: Pearl Jam play considerably earlier tonight, allowing time to travel to the Groundwork Benefit the following night. Ben Harper had brought his mother out during his performance to sing a song with him. Ed takes note of this, saying that Ben had created a "difficult situation" as his mother was also in attendance and he knew she'd want to sing. [Karen Vedder was indeed in attendance.] 'Wishlist' lyrics are modified to "I wish I was the neutron bomb, the one that didn't go off." Another new song debuts tonight, this one seemingly an Ed song and with him playing guitar. He gives a long speech before 'Last Soldier' about the Bridge kids (particularly noting Alan and Maricor), noting that since their last appearance, Maricor had graduated from the Bridge School and was now a sophomore at Berkeley. Ed polls the band members as to how many years they attended college, and how difficult it is. "What I'm trying to say is that, Maricor, you're fucking amazing!"
Caryn's review (with photos)

10/22/01 - Key Arena: Seattle, WA (Groundwork 2001 Benefit) [50m]
soundcheck: I Got Shit, Insignificance (with a different middle), Grievance, new song, Gimme Some Truth, Nothing As It Seems, new song (not played at Bridge)
set: Gimme Some Truth, Grievance, Insignificance, Given to Fly, Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, I Am Mine, Better Man, Do the Evolution, Long Road (with Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
notes: This benefit for hunger was webcast. Opening with Lennon's 'Gimme Some Truth' and then strongly accelerating through 'Grievance' and 'Insignificance,' it appears that PJ is ready to plug in after the prior two night's acoustic shows! Ed sets the guitar aside halfway through 'Insignificance,' grabbing it and taking an ebow to it in the modified midsection breakdown. There's a bit of a false start to 'Light Years,' but it's 'GTF' with 'Light Years' following. Ed holds a high note for a long time during 'Better Man' and the whole band picks up during the jam at the end (with the "This is one of those times, you've got to try; won't you please, be mine ... don't let me down ..." tag). 'DTE' just kicks ass-wow! Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan vocalizes halfway through 'Long Road,' and he and Ed share a long embrace while Ed plays out on guitar to close the song and the set. Very touching moment.
During R.E.M.'s set (following PJ's), they play about 1/3 of 'Better Man' (jury is out as to whether it was affectionate or mocking) and then during a fiery 'People Have The Power' inserted into the middle of 'It's the End of the World As We Know It,' Ed comes running behind the drumkit from stage right to a microphone set up for him stage left. Ed sings backing vocals and takes a verse and imitates Michael dancing when they go back into 'ITEOTW,' and even sings a few bars, and the two hug for an extended period of time (both wearing little fedoras) at the end. Unexpected and surprisingly intense ending to tonight's show.
The original setlist from tonight's show (from the soundboard): Grievance, Given To Fly, Insignificance, Light Years, Nothing As It Seems, I Am Mine, Better Man, Gimme Some Truth, Do The Evolution, I Got Shit, Long Road
Caryn's review (with photos)
poster [this show was videotaped]

10/23/01 - Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA (EV solo with R.E.M.)
set:(only songs that included Ed) Long Road, Begin the Begin, It's The End of the World As We Know It/People Have The Power
notes: This surprise R.E.M. show at the Croc was billed as a Minus 5 benefit for the Washington Wilderness Coalition, and sold out right about the time people started to notice all members of R.E.M. present as well as one Mr. Ed Vedder, introduced by Michael as "Humbert Humbert, Jr." (See Lolita if you need the literary reference.) 'Long Road' is about fourth or fifth in the set and has Ed playing acoustic guitar - it's kind of rough but nice to hear. A few songs later, Michael starts asking what happened to his drink, and the next song, Ed comes out onstage with a tray of drinks and serves everyone in the band. He repeats this a few numbers later and somehow ends up kissing Peter Buck. When the band come out for the encore, they are led in a conga line by Ed, with his tshirt tucked up into the collar exposing his stomach (when was the last time we saw Vedder's stomach onstage? Anyone??), wearing a cowboy hat, and carrying another tray of drinks. "Do you guys have any idea how fucking cool Eddie Vedder is?" asks Michael Stipe, as he launches into a lyrically dubious version of 'Better Man' ("she dreams in circles"? eesh) He finishes the song and announces, "Welcome to my shower - there it is." There is some discussion on the stage and Michael is heard saying, "Are you sure? I don't even think I know the lyrics ..." and a minor riot ensues when R.E.M. start up 'Begin the Begin' (from Lifes Rich Pageant) and Ed and Michael trade verses, with Ed seeming to know the words better than Michael does (but with fuckups along the lines of "she dreams in circles" so I guess they're even). The evening is finished off with the 'It's The End of the World As We Know It'/'People Have The Power' mix, with Ed taking more of an active vocal role in both songs, verses and choruses of PHTP and the backing "It's time I had some time alone" line from 'ITEOTW.' During the instrumental break, Ed grabs Michael and starts dancing with him, some weird cross between ballroom dancing and swing dancing. Honestly. We're really not making any of this up....
Caryn's review (with photos)

Nov. 26-Dec. 2, 2001 - Brad plays a mini five-date west coast tour finishing up in Seattle. Shows feature Stone Gossard, Shawn Smith, Regan Hagar and Mike Berg with Thaddeus Turner and Elizabeth Pupo-Walker.