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1994 Concert Chronology

02/23/94 - Carnegie Hall: NYC (Daltrey Sings Townshend) [15m]
set: The Kids are Alright, Sheraton Gibson, My Generation
notes: Ed appearing solo acoustic at a show organized by Roger Daltrey in honor of his 50th birthday. His set was slotted immediately after the intermission, when most people were still out in the lobby, and was not announced. He strolls onstage dressed very low key -- most of the audience thought he was a stagehand or a roadie. Ed's performance was not filmed or recorded for broadcast (at the behest of his record company), and the stage had very little light on it compared to the rest of the evening's performances. Very nervous and apprehensive, walking onstage to a round of booing, Ed soon wins over the crowd with his exact and heartfelt renditions. At the end of the show, the rest of the performers appear onstage together for an all-star jam session. Since Ed was not permitted to be filmed, he spends the encore wandering around behind the orchestra riser (the show featured the Julliard Symphony Orchestra) and watching the spectacle from out of the camera range, looking for all the world like a lost three-year old.

02/24/94 - Carnegie Hall: NYC (Daltrey Sings Townshend) [15m]
set: Let My Love Open the Door, Squeeze Box, Naked Eye, My Generation
notes: Once again, Ed appearing solo. As opposed to the night before, this time much of the crowd is in their seats in time to catch Ed's set. Tonight's performance is notable for a marked increase in Ed's confidence level as well as the crowd's reception of him. Last night he was an interloper, but tonight he is recognized as being "one of us." 'Squeeze Box' is really played as a joke; Ed finishes 'LMLOTD' and starts playing the intro to 'Squeeze Box' and the crowd goes nuts. He pauses and says (smiling for the first time): "You don't really want to hear that, do you?" and the crowd roars its approval, so Ed starts again and finishes the whole song, really winning the crowd over. You could have dropped a pin during 'Naked Eye,' as exacting and passionate a performance as you've ever heard. Finally, a raucous rendition of 'My Generation' brings the house down, Ed receiving the standing ovation he deserved.

03/06/94 - Paramount Theater: Denver, CO
attendance: 2,000
support act: The Frogs
set: Indifference, Animal, Even Flow, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Glorified G, Daughter/(Satan's Bed), Rats, State of Love and Trust, Improv, Blood, Go, Black, Alive, Improv, Spin the Black Circle, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Rockin' in the Free World
[Link to Video Guide]

03/07/94 - Paramount Theater: Denver, CO [100m]
attendance: 2,000
support act: The Frogs
set: Oceans, Go, Animal, Breath, Why Go, Blood, Garden, Not for You, Rearviewmirror, Why Go, Jeremy, Alive, (Sick o' Pussies)/Porch/(WMA), Spin the Black Circle, Glorified G, Daughter/(Rats)/(jam), Street Fightin' Man, Rockin' in the Free World, Indifference
notes: 'Spin the Black Circle' and 'Not for You' premier. During 'Blood,' Jeff jumps on top of Dave's kickdrum. Ed gives a short speech before 'Not for You' hinting that he wrote it after receiving mail from a convicted rapist saying how great the band was, and he talks briefly about David Gunn before 'Alive.' Mike smashes his guitar after 'Porch.' A mean version of 'Rats' follows 'Daughter.' Stone(?) notes, "We've never played this one in its entirety, but we're gonna try tonight," leading to a 11+ minute cover/jam of 'Street Fightin' Man.' Ed picks up some sticks during the end and drums a bit. Reportedly, Stone's baggy shorts fall and remain at his ankles as he's shredding rhythms. Mike is facing Stone, just ripping. Ed comes from the side and proceeds to wrap Mike in duct tape from his knees down. They continue to jam and Mike decides to lie down on the stage while a roadie pulls Mike's pants down. Mike goes after Jeff, lifting him off the ground via his BVD waistband. Ed dons a Bill Clinton mask! [Link to Video Guide]

03/09/94 - Civic Center: Pensacola, FL (Rock for Choice Benefit) [90m]
attendance: 8,000
support act: L7 and Follow For Now
set: I Won't Back Down, Go, Animal, Even Flow, Dissident, State of Love and Trust, Glorified G, Daughter/(WMA), Blood, Why Go, Jeremy, Black, Alive
enc 1: David Gunn Jr. speech, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Porch/(Tearing)
enc 2: Indifference
notes: PJ reportedly received death threats prior to this performance. Ed starts the show off with a solo cover of Tom Petty's 'I Won't Back Down,' commenting "You know why we're here." Ed discusses pro-choice a bit, ending with, "... all these men trying to control women's bodies are really beginning to piss me off ... they're not in touch with what's real. Well, I'm fucking mean and I'm ugly and my name is reality." This benefit occurred one day prior to the one-year anniversary of the day Dr. David Gunn was shot outside a women's clinic. His son spoke: "You all have the voice. We are the majority. We have the power to take our country back (and to defeat those who) want to take our choices away from us."
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5/5/94 Rolling Stone article
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03/10/94 - Chicago Stadium: Chicago, IL [135m]
attendance: 13,000
support act: The Frogs and Urge Overkill
set: Release, Animal, Go, Even Flow, Dissident, Empire Carpet song/State of Love and Trust, Why Go, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(The Real Me), Not for You, Rearviewmirror, Blood, Alive,/improv/Porch, Garden, Happy Birthday (Jeff), Spin the Black Circle, Black, Tremor Christ, Footsteps, Rockin' in the Free World, I Won't Back Down, Leash, Sonic Reducer, Indifference
notes: Ed joins The Frogs in a cover of The Who's 'See Me Feel Me' wearing an elaborate silver robe. The Empire Carpet song is an old, local carpet store jingle which Ed sings as evidence that he's really from Chicago. It is Jeff's birthday and the obligatory cake and food fight are evidenced after Stone leads the crowd in singing 'Happy Birthday,' with pieces of Jeff's birthday cake and candles tossed to the audience. Jeff is wearing Chicago Bulls #23 (Michael Jordan) basketball trunks. A fun night and show.
Show poster

03/13/94 - New Regal Theater: Chicago, IL [140m]
attendance: 2,500
support act: The Frogs and Magic Slim and the MGs
set: Oceans, Go, Last Exit, Once, Even Flow, Rats, State of Love and Trust, Breath, Glorified G, Daughter/(You're in My Body improv)/(WMA), Animal, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Alive, Improv (I'm All Alone), Spin the Black Circle
enc 1: Hard to Imagine, Yellow Ledbetter, Rearviewmirror, Alone, Black/instrumental jam/Porch/(Tearing)
enc 2: Angel
notes: Ed joins The Frogs in 'I Only Play for Money.' Suffering from a cold and clutching a Kleenex box, he advises, "Don't drink when you're sick ... and don't get sick when you drink. Advice for the kids." He introduces 'Animal' as it being about Jeff "taking on the Chicago Bulls." During 'Porch,' he climbs up to the balcony (of this ornate old theater and takes a flying leap. The crowd seems to instantly envelop him, then back away a little bit and he's laying on the floor in the aisle completely limp. The is jamming along not even really watching, but when he doesn't immediately get up, Jeff gets a really concerned look on his face and scans the crowd for a sign of Ed. Eventually, two security guys go into the crowd and grab Ed, who is still limp, and literally drag him back to the stage, depositing him in a pile behind the mic stand. Everyone is going nuts and after about 60 tense seconds of Ed laying in a heap, he begins to move, swaying to the groove. He gets to his knees grooving; unsteadily to his feet, grooving, hair a pulsating mass. And them wham! "Hear my name, take a good look," and the capacity crowd literally roars in unison. As an encore, he returns on a skateboard with Dave, who accompanies him on guitar on the rarely played 'Angel,' closing the show.

03/14/94 - Fox Theater: St. Louis, MO [100m]
support act: The Frogs and Grant Lee Buffalo
set: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, improv, Glorified G, Daughter/(Beginning to See the Light)/(WMA), Blood, jam, Breath, State of Love and Trust, Black, Alive
enc: Not For You, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Porch
notes: Ed joins The Frogs during their set for 'I Only Play for Money.' The improv is sung by Ed with very quiet music being played by the band, and is tagged with lyrics from The Beatles' somewhat obscure single, 'You Know My Name.' At one point, Ed's legs become so wrapped up in the mic cord that Jeff and Stone have to rescue him. Ed introduces 'Blood' as, "Spelled backwards, this song is doolb." The jam following 'Blood' is instrumental and 'Breath' is very different, ending with a cool jam. During 'Porch,' Ed marks up the band members' faces with a burnt cork.
Breath (5h Song X for August 98)

03/15/94 - Fox Theater: St. Louis, MO [100m]
support act: The Frogs
set: Why Go, Deep, Animal, Once, Rats, Blood, Glorified G, Daughter/(The Real Me), Alive, Go, Even Flow, Spin the Black Circle, Porch/Beginning to See the Light, Corduroy, Rearviewmirror, Black, Leash/Improv, I'm One, Baba O'Riley
notes: Ed joins The Frogs during their set: they start 'Jeremy' and Ed is lowered by a rope or cable onto the stage like he's flying, wearing the gold bat wings. He picks up a microphone and joins in. He also contributes to 'I Only Play for Money' and one other song, plus 'I'm One' (just Ed and Dennis).
Lively, fun performance with Ed very animated and venturing to the edge of the stage to touch the audience as early as the second song. He does an airplane spin with one of the fans. 'Go' is dedicated to Kurt Cobain and 'Corduroy' is premiered. After assisting Dave on drums during 'Porch,' Ed gives one of the band's tall, white candles to the crowd, saying he wants to see how far back it will make it. To his enjoyment, the candle is passed to the back of the audience successfully while the band plays a snippet of the Velvet Underground's 'Beginning to See the Light.' Three Who songs are played tonight ('The Real Me', 'I'm One' and 'Baba O'Riley'). Cool show in a beautiful venue, which Ed acknowledges twice. [Link to Video Guide]

03/17/94 - Elliot Hall: Purdue University: West Lafayette, IN [120m]
support act: Grant Lee Buffalo
set: Wash, Animal, Go, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Black, Blood, Dissident, State of Love and Trust, Even Flow, Tremor Christ, Daughter/(Improv), Alive, Rearviewmirror, Not for You, Garden, Leash, Porch
enc: Once, Rockin' in the Free World, Indifference
notes: PJ insisted on a large quantity of these tickets going to Purdue University students and TM only had approximately 1,000 for sale. With the show beginning late due to a bomb scare, PJ arrives on stage announcing that everyone is free to leave and get a refund. Ed is wearing war paint up and down his legs and his eyes are blackened like a raccoon. The 'Daughter' tag is the 'You're in My Body' improv. Halfway through the show, Ed says something like, "I don't know if you guys are feeling this, but we certainly are. Musically, this might be the best show we have ever played. Thank you." He also gives a speech about 'Dissident' - saying that date rape is terrible and explaining that a woman's word is sacred and the no means no and that's what a "holy no" is. An unbelievable show with great crowd interaction, nearly getting out of control when a huge group of people charge one of the aisles during 'RitFW.'

03/19/94 - Masonic Theater: Detroit, MI [150m]
attendance: 3,200
support act: Grant Lee Buffalo
set: Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Why Go, Dissident, Blood, State of Love and Trust, Glorified G, Daughter, Rats, Spin the Black Circle, Black, Alive, Porch, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Even Flow, Rockin' in the Free World, Footsteps, Sonic Reducer, Once, Leash, Baba O'Riley/jam
enc: Indifference
notes: Approximately 300 tickets were released in advance to area Ten Club members for this show, the remainder being sold through a lottery mail-in system. Ed comments, "They had a bomb threat a couple of shows earlier ... I'd have thought that would have happened in Detroit, if anywhere." The crowd boos and Ed laughs it off. Ed pushes Mike into the crowd during one of his solos. Mike floats around for a minute or two and manages to get back on stage. Ed climbs on the speakers and then to the balcony during 'Porch' (a la the 'Even Flow' video). He walks along the balcony slapping hands on both sides of the stage. He jumps onto a rope ladder and swings out into the crowd a few times. 'Baba O'Riley' is a huge favorite with the crowd singing along.
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03/20/94 - Crisler Arena: Ann Arbor, MI [115m]
attendance: 8,000
support act: Grant Lee Buffalo
set: Jeremy, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Glorified G, Daughter/Improv/WMA, Breath, State of Love and Trust, Last Exit, Garden, Why Go, Deep, Alive, Porch
enc: Nothingman, Three Little Birds, Yellow Ledbetter, Black, Rearviewmirror, Not for You, Blood, Indifference
notes: PJ required that 2,000 tickets be set aside for students. A fun show, with the band playing "Name That Tune" with the audience. To "keep each show different," PJ encores with a "few mellow song." This is the first time 'Nothingman' has been played live. 'Three Little Birds' is a Bob Marley song. Ed jokes about a bomb threat in Indiana and then, "... they tell us that there's escapees from the insane asylum. They can be identified by the yellow wristband." The floor audience holds up their arms, displaying their yellow wristbands. Ed ends the show by pleasing the crowd with: "Detroit rock city, we'll come back again."

03/22/94 - Cleveland State University Convocation Center: Cleveland, OH [110m]
support act: Grant Lee Buffalo
set: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Glorified G, Daughter/(I Won't Back Down), Jeremy, Why Go, Alone, Oceans, State of Love and Trust, Black, Blood, Alive, Porch
enc: Rats, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Leash, Rockin' in the Free World, Sheraton Gibson, Indifference
notes: 'Alone' is started out with Ed singing, "so lonely, so lonely," like The Police song. 'Sheraton Gibson' is introduced as a "really cool song" and it was written by Ed's mentor, Pete Townshend, who had written the song many years before in Cleveland. He asks the audience to be real quiet so they can hear it. 'Sheraton Gibson' hasn't resurfaced on a PJ setlist since this show. Grant Lee Buffalo join PJ for 'Rockin' in the Free World.'

03/24/94 - Louisville Gardens: Louisville, KY
support act: King's X
set: Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, improv/jam, State of Love and Trust, Garden, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Black, Blood, Alive, Rockin' in the Free World
enc 1: Spin the Black Circle, Glorified G, Improv (I Could Prove to You)/jam, Daughter/(I Won't Back Down), Not for You, Elderly Woman, Porch
enc 2: Indifference
notes: Another chatty, fun night for Ed after a slow start. After 'Dissident,' is an improv/jam where Ed sings the phrase "I'm already in love" a few times during the chorus, but also sings the phrase "This is not for you" a few times on the apparent chorus. The rest of his lyrics were completely improvised. The music of this improv sounds more like 'Not for You' than 'Satan's Bed' ... an unusual hybrid. King's X's singer joins PJ for 'RitFW.' Ed brings out a giant turntable and asks, "Do you know what this is?" sarcastically, and threatens to play a Mariah Carey song. This is the intro to 'Spin the Black Circle.'

03/25/94 - Mid-South Coliseum: Memphis, TN [100m]
support act: King's X
set: Release, Go, Animal, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(Suspicious Minds)/(It's Better to Not be Sane improv)/(Suspicious Minds)/(WMA), Even Flow, Dissident, State of Love and Trust
enc 1: Last Exit, Black, Alive, Leash, Rearviewmirror, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Blood
enc 2: Baba O'Riley, Street Fighting Man jam, Porch/(Tearing)
notes: 'Deep' lyrics are altered to "young virgin from Memphis." Similarly, the 'Suspicious Minds' lead out from 'Daughter' is undoubtedly a tribute to playing in "Elvis territory." Ed becomes annoyed with all of the "Eddie" chants: "The only fucking reason you guys chant my name is cuz I'm the only guy in the band whose name has two syllables. We call Stone 'Stoney.' You could chant that ..." and leads the audience to chant "Stoney, Stoney." After 'State,' Ed asks if anyone is in love and then asks, "It's OK to be gay in Memphis, isn't it? All right, let's take a vote ... yes? no? Anyone who said 'no,' you're a fucking asshole. Grow up, get a life!" Some really long haired kid from the crowd gets to share the mic with Ed on 'Leash,' after which he does a glorious dive off the stage. At the start of the second encore, Ed comes out and says, "Thank you, thank you so much," in his best Elvis voice. Then, "Mike McCready starts this song. If he doesn't start it in the next 15 seconds, I'm gonna kick his ass." Then Stone joins in: "The question is, can he play it with that stupid mask on?" and Mike starts off 'Baba O'Riley.' At one point, Ed makes gestures like he will jump into the crowd and, instead, tosses Mike into the swarm. In the brief 'Street Fighting Man' jam, Ed changes the lyrics from "In sleepy London town..." to "In sleepy Memphis town...".
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03/26/94 - Murphy Athletic Center: Murfreesboro, TN [90m]
support act: King's X
set: Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Even Flow, Dissident, Deep, Jeremy, Animal, Glorified G, Daughter/(It's Better not to be Sane improv)/(WMA), Blood, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Alive, Porch/(Monkey Gone to Heaven)
enc: Dock of the Bay, Rockin' in the Free World, Indifference
notes: Ed tirades, "If you ever come to Seattle, look me up. I'm in the phone book. No big deal. Come on over. Yeah, fuckin' right (laughs). I have to take that back. If you come over to my house, I'm gonna have to shoot ya. I need my privacy. (audience boos) Yeah, yeah, you need your privacy, too. Don't you? You need your privacy? We all need our fuckin' privacy. Do you ever wonder why your mom and dad don't let you have a lock on your door? I still suffer from that. I need a lock on my fuckin' door. What the fuck is a door for if you can't have a lock on it? Tell your mom and dad I said 'hi' ... then fight for your rights as kids." There's another McCready guitar fatality during 'Porch.' Steve Cropper joins PJ for a lovely 'Dock of the Bay' and 'RitFW,' which Ed described as "... the highlight of our lives." [Link to Video Guide]

03/28/94 - Bayfront Amphitheater: Miami, FL [120m]
attendance: capacity=8,000; attendance approx. 24,000!
support act: King's X
soundcheck: jam, Not For You, Animal, Daughter
set: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, State of Love and Trust, Glorified G, Daughter/(ABitW-II)/(WMA), Jeremy, Deep, Rats, Blood, Black, Alive, Porch/(The Real Me)/(Monkey Gone to Heaven), Rearviewmirror, Not for You, Elderly Woman (song stopped), Garden, Rockin' in the Free World/Improv, Indifference
notes: Beneath a full moon, this crowd at an outdoor park in downtown Miami became unruly, breaking through a metal fence. Ed practices crowd control: "We're all in one big boat tonight ... don't let it go down." He dedicates 'Even Flow' to some homeless people under a bridge nearby. Later, Dave (!) pulls a troublemaker from the crowd when prompted by Ed saying, "One of you guys up front is hitting people. This guy right here ... get him out. Pull him out. We don't wanna see him anymore. How can we accomplish a lot by showing these people who think we're all a bunch of fucking losers and we don't have a life, that we can get along? Scare the shit out of them and make them think this generation might actually accomplish something." 'Not for You' is dedicated to "all those fuckers who were charging more than $18 for your fucking ticket." A rain storm breaks out at the start of 'Garden.' King's X joins PJ for 'RitFW.'

03/29/94 - Bayfront Arena: St. Petersburg, FL [120m]
support act: King's X
set: Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(ABitW-II)/(WMA), Blood, Last Exit, Black, Alive, Porch/(Dirty Frank)
enc 1: Sonic Reducer, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Rockin' in the Free World
enc 2: Indifference
enc 3: Throw Your Arms Around Me
notes: Ed jokes, "There is a fake in Florida, but this is the real Jeff Ament. If someone comes up to you and says he is Jeff Ament and wants to take your pot or wants to take you to a stripclub, it is probably not him." In a very rare third encore, 'Throw Your Arms Around Me' is introduced as follows: "See, we live in a place where it ain't so sunny. Have you ever been in Seattle? It's just ... this song has a lot to do with summer and I just want to play it here cause it always feels like summer here." This is a wonderful show!

04/02/94 - Fox Theater: Atlanta, GA [125m]
attendance: 4,500
support act: King's X
soundcheck: Rearviewmirror, Corduroy
set: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(It's Better to Not be Sane improv)/(WMA), Blood, Footsteps, Once, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, Leash
enc 1: The Kids are Alright, Rearviewmirror, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Out of My Mind, Alone, Porch
enc 2: Indifference
notes: When Ed dons a straw cowboy hat passed up from the audience, Stone plays a few notes from 'Sweet Home Alabama.' Ed weaves a couple of lines from REM's 'Talk About the Passion' into the 'Daughter' outro. After 'Black,' chants of "Eddie, Eddie" cause Ed to stop talking and he says, "Hey, I know my name, and if I knew yours, I'd tell you to shut the fuck up!" The "Mamasan trilogy" is played in reverse order. This first-heard version of 'Out of My Mind' is later released as a single on the flip side of 'Not for You.'

04/03/94 - Fox Theater: Atlanta, GA [150m]
attendance: 4,500
support act: King's X
soundcheck: (partial list) Go, Better Man, WMA (X2), Manic Depression (Jeff & Stone w/ King's X singer and drummer)
set: Release, Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Even Flow, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(ABitW-II), Go, Animal, Garden, State of Love and Trust, Black, Alive, Blood/(Not for You), WMA, Better Man, Elderly Woman, Rats, Satan's Bed, Once, Sonic Reducer, Porch/(Androgynous Mind), Indifference
notes: Jeff joins Kings' X, playing bass on the Hendrix cover, 'Manic Depression.' King's X vocalist Doug Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill help out during 'WMA' Some lyrics from 'Not for You' are thrown in at the end of 'Blood.' Prior to a super 'Sonic Reducer,' Ed starts playing drums and Dave announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Abbruzzese!" Jeff chimes in, "Otherwise known as 'Four Feet'." Dave then mocks the crowd's earlier chants of "Eddie, Eddie!" by mumbling "Ed" several times into the mic, before returning to the drum set. A bit of 'Satan's Bed' ("torture follows reward") is mixed into 'Rats.' Before 'Porch,' Ed says, "I think you won, but I enjoyed the fight," referring to a large banner handed to him, which reads, "Eddie vs. Atlanta." Meanwhile, the band is jamming to the Kiss song, 'Detroit Rock City.' During the long jam during the middle of this incredible version of 'Porch,' Ed throws his mic stand at a huge replica of the "boy on the cross" figurine (depicted in the Vs. book) hanging in the background. Ed dons a Cincinnati Bengals helmet and the gold bat wings and climbs the lighting rig above the stage. Staying there through most of the jam, he throws down a dummy wearing a similar outfit. The crowd screams, thinking that Ed has fallen, but he reappears, and starts singing again. Jeff kicks the dummy into the crowd where it is ripped to pieces. Ed returns to the stage using only his hands on the rope ladder with his feet dangling. A snippet of Sonic Youth's 'Androgynous Mind' is intermingled in 'Porch' (and the original played during Ed's DJ show later). The lights are turned up after 'Porch' and at least half of the crowd leaves, missing 'Indifference.' This show was broadcast on radio, as well as Ed's 45-minute DJ session from a van after the show. (The original Monkeywrench Radio?).
[Ed's DJ set: Cigarettes (King's X), I Only Play for Money (The Frogs), A Little Story (Daniel Johnson), Joy Without Pleasure (Daniel Johnson), Androgynous Mind (Sonic Youth), In the Blood (Mudhoney), Disconnect (Rollins Band), Baby Drop (Shudder to Think), Let Down Left Out Laughed At (Eleven), Dock of the Bay (PJ w/ Steve Cropper 3/26/94)]
At the end of the broadcast, Ed says, "... umm, Pete Townshend and uh (laughs) ... Kurt Cobain. Hope he's all right, please be all right. Thanks for letting us come into your houses and your cars and your ears (laughs) and uh, sorry about the mess. Sorry we left a mess. I'll see you guys later take care... bye."
Monkeywrench Radio link

04/06/94 - Civic Center: Springfield, MA [120m]
attendance: 6,800
support act: Mudhoney
set: Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Glorified G, Daughter/(Hate the Police)/(WMA)/(Androgynous Mind), Why Go, Deep, Rats, Last Exit, State of Love and Trust, Black, Alive, Porch/(Hey Hey, My My)
enc 1: Not for You, Blood, Yellow Ledbetter, Once, Out of My Mind, improv/cover?, My Generation, Elderly Woman, Rockin' in the Free World
enc 2: Spin the Black Circle
notes: Another happy, upbeat show with PJ clearly enjoying themselves. The 'Hate the Police' tag is a song by The Dicks that Mudhoney covers frequently. Again, the "Ed-die" chants prompt, "That's my name ... don't fuckin' wear it out." Stone yells a "happy birthday" to Brett. Excellent version of 'Porch.' Taking requests, PJ elects to play 'Yellow Ledbetter' after 'Blood.'

04/07/94 - War Memorial: Rochester, NY [120m]
support act: Mudhoney
set: Wash, Animal, Go, Dissident, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(ABitW-II)/(Across the Universe)/(It's Better to Not be Sane improv), Breath, State of Love and Trust, Rats, Once, Black, Alive, Rearviewmirror, Corduroy, Release teaser, Elderly Woman, Jam, Porch, Indifference
notes: 'Wash' hadn't been played for some time. Stone sings lovely vocals with Ed on 'Breath.' Ed comments, "Living is the best revenge" after Jeremy.' A great performance.

04/08/94 - Patriot Center: Fairfax, VA [110m]
support act: Mudhoney
set: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My)/(American Pie), Even Flow, Breath, State of Love and Trust, Footsteps, Black, Alive, Porch/(Tearing)
enc 1: Rearviewmirror, Corduroy, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Blood
enc 2: Indifference, Rockin' in the Free World
notes: This performance was very difficult for Pearl Jam and many in the crowd due to the discovery of Kurt's death that day. A very tense and emotional show. Ed remarked, "... we are elevated a little more than usual, either that or I've gotten taller. I don't think it's a very good thing to elevate yourself. I think it would be a very dangerous thing... sometimes, whether you like it or not people elevate you ... whether you like it or not, and it's very easy to fall. So.. uh.. I don't want to be the messenger, somebody who delivers bad news, you know. Kill the messenger, but I don't think any of us would be in this room if it weren't for Kurt Cobain ... 1,2,3,4.." Incredible version of 'Even Flow.' Despite the sadness and misery hanging over this show, the songs were powerful and intense. By the end of the night the mood changed with the music bringing everyone together and creating strength. People started leaving after 'Indifference' as the lights went down, and started running back in when they closed powerfully with 'RITFW," playing like they couldn't stop. [Link to Video Guide]

04/10/94 - Boston Garden: Boston, MA [110m]
attendance: 12,000
support act: Mudhoney
set: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, (Sweet Emotion)/Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My)/(WMA), State of Love and Trust, Garden, Blood, Black, Alive, Porch
enc 1: Once, Rearviewmirror, Not for You
enc 2: Elderly Woman, Leash, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Tickets are absolutely impossible to get to this show, particularly with the speculation that PJ will cancel to return to Seattle for a memorial for Kurt. 'Release' opens again, in total darkness. Ed brings up the lights to personally thanks two "girls" in the audience for standing up and dancing during Mudhoney's set. 'Glorified G' is dedicated to James Brady. Members of Aerosmith are in attendance, thus the tribute snippet of 'Sweet Emotion.' Ed comments on PJ's continued sadness about Kurt: "Hey,... I gotta admit, we got a lot on our minds. It is tough to play. I personally felt we shouldn't play at all. It is really very odd, it's just like that empty feeling. It is all right to fade away and not to burn out." 'Blood' is dedicated to Kurt. As an intro to 'Black' Ed sings a few lines from 'Stuff and Nonsense.' Ed starts off the encore by saying, "... you guys are actually almost making me happy tonight," and brings his brother, Brian out later to have the audience say hello.

04/11/94 - Boston Garden: Boston, MA [120m]
attendance: 12,000
support act: Mudhoney
set: Release, Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, State of Love and Trust, Breath, Blood, Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My), Why Go, Hold On improv/Jeremy, Even Flow, Black, Alive, Porch/(Tearing), Rats, Immortality, Corduroy, Garden, Leash
enc: Rockin' in the Free World, Happy Trails, Indifference
notes: 'Breath' virtually disappeared from setlists for years after this show. 'Immortality' premieres here, featuring very different lyrics than later (or "officially released") versions. Ed smashes a hole in the stage with the mic stand and exits through it ending 'Blood.' Matt Lukin of Mudhoney joins PJ for 'RitFW' and returns for a very drunk, a capella 'Happy Trails,' intro'ed as a "... song for John Candy, 'cause we all know he was a big, fat bastard. But we love him." [Link to Video Guide]

04/12/94 - Orpheum Theater: Boston, MA [130]
support act: Mudhoney
set: Oceans, Even Flow, Sonic Reducer, State of Love and Trust, Hard to Imagine, Immortality/(Hey Hey, My My), Go, Animal, Glorified G, Daughter/(Suck You Dry), Alone, Not for You, Better Man, Rats, Blood
enc: Release, Tremor Christ, Once, Fuckin' Up, Dirty Frank, Yellow Ledbetter, instrumental jam, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, I've Got a Feeling/jam
notes: The crew created this setlist, full of new songs and b-sides. Mark Arm joins PJ for 'Sonic Reducer.' Standout version of 'Immortality.' Ed's comments: "This is the second to the last night of this fucking tour. Play New York and we are going home. We would like to thank our crew, speaking of 'Rats.' You should also thank the one who made the setlist tonight, cause somebody else made it. This is a fucking awesome place you live in. Lots of history. It is definitely one of the places I want to live." Mike pretends to hide during the appropriate 'Dirty Frank' lyrics. Having a rather cheerful night, Ed quips, "I really shouldn't let you all see me this happy ... people might expect it all the time." During the extended (20+ min.?) 'I've Got a Feeling' jam, Ed lifts a young female attendee from the crowd and puts her on his shoulders, dances a bit and returns her to her seat, giving her some roses.

04/14/94 - Saturday Night Live Rehearsals: NYC, NY (rehearsal)
set: Not for You, Daughter/(American Pie)/(Hey Hey, My My), Rearviewmirror
notes: Stone plays a snippet of 'Let My Love Open the Door' prior to 'RVM.' [Link to Video Guide]

04/16/94 - Saturday Night Live: NYC, NY
set: Not for You, Rearviewmirror, Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My)
notes: Typically, musical guests on SNL only perform two songs. PJ performs three, including the previously unreleased 'Not for You.' 'Daughter' is ended with ramblings including a quote from Neil Young's 'Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black),' which is the song inspiring the reference in Kurt Cobain's suicide note, "it's better to burn out than fade away." This performance contrasts darkly with the previous SNL appearance in '92. [Link to Video Guide]

04/17/94 - Paramount Theater: NYC, NY [100m]
attendance: 5,500
support act: Mudhoney
set: Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Glorified G, Daughter/(Tonight's the Night), Why Go, Jeremy, Alone, Garden, Footsteps, State of Love and Trust, Satan's Bed, Blood, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Sonic Reducer
notes: The '94 tour ended abruptly with this at the Paramount Theater, located inside NY's Madison Square Garden. Area Ten Club members had preference for tickets. Remaining tickets were distributed to New York radio stations and were given away starting the Friday before (the show was on a Sunday) until late Saturday night. Winners then went to a separate location to pick up the tix before the show. Ed leads the crowd in a "fuck" chant before 'Alone.' A female fan, screaming "I love you, Eddie" is dealt with. "Aww, that's sweet. I love you too," Ed responds sarcastically. "You don't love me. You love who you think I am and the image you have created in your mind. You can't love me cause I'm already in love. Did you know my ten year anniversary with my girlfriend, Beth, is next month? That is the longest relationship of anyone in the band, unless you count Stone and Jeff." 'Dissident's' lyrics are changed to a spoken, "Escape is never the safest plan." Mark Arm joins PJ for 'Sonic Reducer.' A very spiritual, intense, cathartic show with an entire night of pummeling beats and guitar solos, Ed howling and pulsating hair. It is unclear what direction PJ will take from this point. Ed references this and suggests going off and living in a cave with Beth.
4/30/94 Melody Maker article
5/21/94 Melody Maker article
fan club mailing & ticket scan

06/30/94 - Stone and Jeff give testimony re: Ticketmaster and anti-competitive practices in the ticketing industry before a congressional subcommittee

08/94 - Dave Abbruzzese is fired

10/01/94 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic) [40m]
attendance: 18,000
set: Walking the Cow, Elderly Woman, Corduroy, Daughter/(American Pie), Black, Footsteps, Yellow Ledbetter
enc: Let Me Sleep
notes: PJ's second appearance at the benefit for the Bridge School. Other artists includes Pete Droge, Ministry, Mazzy Star, Indigo Girls, and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Jack Irons, prior drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Eleven, and longtime friend of Ed's, appears on percussion for PJ. 'Walking the Cow' is a Daniel Johnson cover. Benmont Tench (of the Heartbreakers) joins PJ during 'Footsteps,' playing piano. 'Let Me Sleep' is played live (Mike and Ed solo) for the "people in the back." (A studio version was released as the '91 fan club single, not to be a part of a setlist again.) PJ joins Neil Young in his encore, 'Piece of Crap,' having a great time of it. [Link to Video Guide]

10/02/94 - Shoreline Amphitheater: Mountain View, CA (Bridge School Benefit) (acoustic) [45m]
attendance: 18,000
set: Wash, Not for You, Immortality, Elderly Woman, Daughter/(Tonight's the Night), Black
enc: Bee Girl
notes: Ed joins Ministry's Al Jourgenson, Paul Barker and their friends for 'Lay Lady Lay' and Mike joins Pete Droge for a song during his set. Benmont Tench joins PJ during 'Black,' playing piano. Ed and Jeff perform 'Bee Girl' for the first time since the Rockline radio interview, commenting about Blind Melon's video's "bee girl" and how they "saw really bad things for her future." PJ joins Neil Young for 'Piece of Crap.' More than $70,000 was raised for the Bridge School as a result of these two shows. [Link to Video Guide]

12/06/94 - Vitalogy is released (vinyl was released two week earlier on 11/22/94)